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Create a New Photoshop Document From Layer

Posted on July 20, 2012

When I’m creating new layouts, I routinely use Photoshop and then often need to separate out individual elements to use in my designs. Normally I create a new document and then either cut and paste the layer, or drag the layer to my new document. Today I’ve discovered something even greater than that and it’s…

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WordPress Login Logo Squish Fix after 3.4 Update

Posted on June 26, 2012

After the recent update to WordPress 3.4, I noticed that the login logo on my sites with custom logos had become squished, and ends up looking like this photo below:

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The Browser Wars Continue – Chrome in the Lead?

Posted on May 22, 2012

This morning I was reading as I tend to do every morning. I like to check out all the different happenings around the world, and this particular headline caught my eye: Chrome overtakes Internet Explorer as No. 1 browser — maybe

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Mists of Pandaria – Pandaren Monk

Posted on March 24, 2012

I am so excited to share that I have gotten into the first wave for the Mists of Pandaria Beta. I’ll be sharing photos and videos as time goes on. I have created a Pandarian Monk named Spicytnaroll. She’s super cute and fun to play. Just wanted to take a moment and write about my…

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March 2012 Wallpaper

Posted on March 1, 2012

We’re already in the 3rd month of 2012, if you’re like me, this year is already flying by! This month I have a very cool Leprechaun themed wallpaper for you.

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The Web Developer Toolbox – Coding Tools

Posted on February 24, 2012

Last week I discussed briefly what tools I used for the design portion of my work. I briefly covered mockup creation, using photoshop for layouts, and color scheme generation. In this post I am going to discuss my coding environment.

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Google’s New Privacy Policy

Posted on February 22, 2012

google services

If you are an avid user of Google or their services, you have likely seen the disclaimers all over their sites recently discussing their upcoming privacy policy. Like everyone else, I too had dismissed it, until I read the following post Have You Blown Off Google’s New Privacy Policy. I’m telling you now, don’t walk,…

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The Web Developer Toolbox – Design

Posted on February 16, 2012

Sample Layout

It came to my realization today that many people don’t understand just how involved the web development process can be. We use many different tools in our craft that helps us hone a perfect specimen of web development art. The process is not a simple thing and it does not involve us waving our magic…

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Permanently Remove Double Space in Dreamweaver Code View

Posted on February 14, 2012

find and replace

If you’re like me and use Dreamweaver as your programming api, you have probably often encountered the problem when retrieving code from the server, only to find that your nicely formatted code has double spaces all over the place.

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February 2012 Wallpaper

Posted on February 1, 2012

All you need is love! February is the month of valentines and groundhogs, for this month I have provided you with a cute Valentine themed wallpaper.

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